BIT 2015 Program Schedule

Welcome Message

We are really thankful to all who going to join 5th Bangla Interventional Therapeutics. At the same time, we acknowledge the contribution of those behind the previous successful BIT conferences. Since its inception in 2011 with a view to do innovations in the field of interventional cardiology, BIT has grown from a tiny tot to the present day's young adult over only four-year time period.

It's appeal has spread across the boundary from the regional to a more global perspective. Previous year's collaboration between TCTAP and BIT and this year's TCTBIT partnership are the vivid examples of this achievement. Certainly the story behind this success is  the story of all those involved in BIT's past activities, we gratefully acknowledge this. Favorite topics like primary PCI, trans-radial intervention, left main intervention, intervention related to multivessel, bifurcation and carotid lesions will be covered.

This time TRI, CTO intervention and TAVI will be specially focused. There will be arrangement for live transmision as well. We are delighted to have legendary figures like Alain Cribier, Shigeru Saito, Ferdinand Kiemeneij and Thomas Cuisset with us.

Let us have an informative, interactive and vibrant summit!

Course Directors


Prof. Afzalur Rahman
Dr. Rabin Chakraborty